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June 10 at 8:26am

All The Great Old Cinemas In America (and more)

What a great resource  Cinema Treasures is!  It’s got a listing of 1000s of cinemas.

And if you want Art Houses, PBS’ Independent Lens made this nifty map. Now you can find out where you want your film to play anywhere in the ‘ol USA. Hat tip again to MovieCityNews for leading the way with these pieces.

Finding the right place to play your film has never been very easy. That sort of specified knowledge has been one of the many reasons traditional distributors have hung around as long as they have. That’s all starting to change though. The Workbook Project has been doing a theater mapping project for years now. You’ve gotta love their map.

Of course if you want to start booking your own theaters, it’s not so easy.  There are some nice new developments out there though.

Check out Good Screenings in the UK, and Open Indie here.

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