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December 24 at 11:00am

OMFG! What More Could You Ever Want! LOVE GOD on YouTube!!!

Better burn the Christmas Tree. Rip up those stockings and pour the booze down the drain, cuz if there is one thing you are going to wanna do this holiday, it surely will be to watch each and every episode of this landmark work.

If you don’t know what Compulsive Reading Syndrome does to a man, all you’ve got to do is push play. If you haven’t seen the most awesome monster f*ck scene in the history of digi, you haven’t yet pushed play. If you wonder what a couple of hundred thou, a digi camera and a free 35mm output courtesy of SONY could do back in the day, just push play. This is where Anthony Bregman’s producing career got it’s start. Look (and listen) to the credits — there are superstars in their infancy flexing their muscles and shaking their whatsits.

Love God or don’t, but either way, watch this film!

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