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July 19 at 4:00pm

Todd Solondz Is In San Francisco To Talk To YOU!

Yes Dark Horse in galloping around the bay this weekend.  And I know you want to know where you can meet our jockey.  Put on your pink polo and bring your action figures.

TODD SOLONDZ IN PERSON: filmmaker Todd Solondz will speak at select opening weekend shows:

Q&A Friday (7/20) at the EMBARCADERO after the  7:35
And an intro prior to 9:40 pm

SATURDAY , 7/21 , at the CAMERA 3 in SAN JOSE ( Q&A AFTER the 3pm only )

SATURDAY , 7/21 , SHATTUCK in BERKELY Q&A after the 5:40pm show and
Intro to the 7:50pm 

SUNDAY , 7/22, the San Rafael Q&A After the 7pm only.      


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