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July 3 at 10:00am

Trip Through The Globe Of New Filmmaking

By Ted Hope

I am a judge for Viewster’s Online Film Festival. It is so great to give money to filmmakers.  $100,000.00!!!!  This installment was “It’s Complicated” and it takes a global tour through relationships.

The thing I found most striking was the exposure to filmmakers from around the world.  Sitting hear in America, I mostly see local work, and you become accustomed to the dominant strain of fast cut, tight story telling. In contrast, these shorts on Viewster had room to breathe, offering nuance, performance, and audience consideration in a way that American films rarely do.  I can’t say I loved everyone, but I was glad to watch them.  It felt like a guided tour through our creative community.  Check them out for yourself and see if you agree with how we voted (which will be revealed on July 7).

The audience voted to determine the top 20 for us to judge. The festival has had over 500,000 views online.  Here’s the top 20:

#1. Dad’s Fragile Doll, Iran, 2014, 15 minutes, Director: Ali Zare Ghanatnowi
#2. Some Information About Me, Iran, 2012, 10 minutes, Director: Misagh Bahraloloomian
#3. Empty Place, Iran, 2013, 26 minutes, Director: Negin Aminzadeh
#4. Not Over Easy, Canada, 2010, 7 minutes, Director: Jordan Canning
#5. Wrong, South Korea, 2013, 26 minutes, Director: Taegue Lim
#6. Vibes, Spain, 2014, 12 minutes, Director: Guis Brothers
#7. I Call It Love, Lebanon, 2013, 9 minutes, Director: Elsy Hajjar
#8. Mind the Gap, Israel, 2013, 6 minutes, Director: Tom Darom & Arkady Ostrovsky
#9. Next, Poland, 2011, 30 minutes, Director: Adam Janisch
#10. I Don’t Cry, South Korea, 2014, 22 minutes, Director: Jung Jong Hyung
#11. Deux Princes, New Zealand, 2012, 17 minutes, Director: Yamin Tun
#12. L’Atente, France, 2014, 8 minutes, Director: Stratos Gabrielidis
#13. Elevator’s Coconut, Brazil, 2013, 4 minutes, Director: Paulo Passaro
#14. Prometheus, Spain, 2012, 6 minutes, Director: Ignacio F. Rodó
#15. Amias, UK, 2013, 9 minutes, Director: John Giordano
#16. Jon Jonsson, Iceland, 2013, 16 mintues, Director: Marsibil Sæmundardóttir
#17. La Diva, Italy, 2013, 21 minutes, Director: Carlo Ballauri
#18. LATJ, USA, 2012, 3 minutes, Director: Christian A. Pierce
#19. Your Place, Germany, 2012, 29 minutes, Director: Sylvia Borges
#20. Love & Other Chairs, UK, 2014, 8 minutes, Director: Christopher Bevan

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