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April 26 at 4:34pm

Start Supporting The Filmmaker/Entrepreneur By Watching This Excellent Film

By Ted Hope

This is how we build a better mousetrap: by supporting the culture we love with our dollars.  Consider it a vote for a better world.

You can now get “I AM NOT A HIPSTER” directly from the filmmakers! So you should do it.  I mean, what else are you doing this weekend anyway? 

We screened “I AM NOT A HIPSTER” to a sold out enthusiastic audience at HopeForFilm “Indie Night” at Lincoln Center in NYC. We then awarded them a SFFS/KRF grant for what became the SXSW Grand Jury Prize winner (“Short Term 12″).  Destin and his team are true talents.

You can buy HIPSTER directly from the filmmakers’ website.  Type in the promo code HIPSTER and get $2.00 off (Only $6.99 after discount). 


You can also STREAM the film for $1.99 on Vimeo’s new On Demand Platform.
https://vimeo.com/ondemand/iamnotahipster (WATCH THE TRAILER for the film here as well)

Also the film will be FREE on HULU till Tuesday April 27th. Not much time to catch it for free!!!

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