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January 16 at 12:00pm

We Have Lost A Good Friend

By Ted Hope

RIP George Gund

Your love of cinema & life, your generosity & great spirit were truly infectious. @SF_FilmSociety has lost a great friend.

I did not know George well, but I had had some good times with him, and very much enjoyed encountering him at festivals throughout the world.  When he and his wife Iara Lee brought us and other filmmakers down to Brazil to lecture on Low Budget Indie — it was the first time I really felt people got what I wanted to do and cared.  That was George.  It was such a gift.  

Every where George went he communicated his love of cinema.  And all that was before I knew all that he had done for the SFFS.  I would not have had the SFFS organization to come to if it was not for him. It was what he built that gave me the hope that this was the base by which I could help indie film reach higher.

I am at Sundance now for the Art House Convergence — and as this news leaks out to others, the outpourings of love and respect are huge.  We ALL were all lucky to have George and his profound generosity as part of us.  We will be sure to reflect his spirit going forward at SFFS and not let any of that be forgotten.  He will continue to inspire me and our whole community.  Thank you for George, thank you for sharing him with us, and keeping his love of cinema so strong.


Please consider contributing in George’s memory to one of the legacy’s that George helped build.  You can do so here.

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