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January 7 at 8:57am

One Of My Fave Cinema Moments Of 2011

It was at the only projected WorkInProgress screening we had for Martha Marcy May Marlene. The film was submitted to Sundance on a 6 week cut and Sean Durkin had to lock at 8 weeks to get in done in time for the festival. There was no money but Technicolor helped us out with a weekday screening. The only people generally who could come were screenwriters as virtually everyone else we knew were working.

Screenwriters can be a bit focused on structure, some on discipline. The point was raised that this song was not like any other moment in the film. People started to suggest it be cut. My wife –one of the few women in the room — stood up and said it was the crucial moment when Marcy May feels loved. She was right. It needed to be there. Sean knew it too.

Even if it had been cut, I think it would have made my list of favorite MUSIC moments of 2011

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January 5 at 10:30am

What If You Could Escape Your Daily Routine?

I met Steven Briend at the Disposable Film Festival last year. I liked his papercraft stop motion “magic” short PROTEIGON. I just got to see his new short SHUNPO which is a nice bit of dance on film with another tad of cinema magic thrown in with excellent results. Check it out:

SHUNPO by stevenbriand

What if we could escape our daily routine for a moment ? A Step, just one, that could move us miles away from here, in a second; a flash step. A Shunpo.
Shunpo was shot in 6 days in 13 different locations in Paris plus one in Turkey at “Tuz Göllü” salt lake.
The camera used was a Canon 5D Mark III with 16-35 L, 24-70L and 70-200L lenses.

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