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April 2 at 11:35am

Capturing An Artist At Work

By Ted Hope

Black Palace is a Mexican-based street art installation by the NY-based artist WK. This short doc on it’s installation is pretty great unto itself.

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  1. marybelle / Apr 2 at 11:35am

    larger than life way to dress up a prison! Amazing installation.

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  5. modern canvas / Apr 2 at 11:35am

    Great video, thanks for sharing this info!

  6. triptych canvas / Apr 2 at 11:35am

    Really interesting video, love seeing how the artist go about there work!

  7. canvas art prints / Apr 2 at 11:35am

    Great video, thank you!

  8. John / Apr 2 at 11:35am

    Nice video, thanks for sharing!

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