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March 18 at 8:22am

Some People Make The World A Better Place

By Ted Hope

I have always thought that evolution is too slow. Too many of us are too content with just being normal human beings. And then there are those who refuse the paltry limits our existence has imposed us…

I am pretty sure that the super hero industry is America’s top export after the aerospace industry. Although this is generally due to the film industry, it also has had some nice repercussions in other lands. Angle Grinder Man rescues illegally parked cars in London. Mexico City’s SuperBarrio organizes labor and files petitions. Polarman shovels sidewalks in Canada.

Oh, did you know that SUPER opens on 4/1/11?

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  1. celina / Mar 18 at 8:22am

    yeah its verry awesome please help me of how we can make the world a better place

  2. celina / Mar 18 at 8:22am

    please help me its a speech

  3. angle grinders / Mar 18 at 8:22am

    danger is a cutting disk can explode when improperly used, so eye protection
    must be used.


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