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July 1 at 1:14pm

One Of The Top Films Of All Time: Chris Marker’s La Jetee

Chris Marker’s LA JETEE haunts many filmmakers’ work.  When I went to NYU, it was required viewing and I think you can see it’s influence in many grads’ work.  Its marriage of form and content has rarely been equaled.  His film SANS SOLEIL has also forever provoked me to deliver a true Essay Film — and I will one day.  Both are Required Viewing.  

One of the beautiful things about his work is that its effect runs far beyond the work at hand; he changes how we look at things, makes us reflect upon our own choices.  Marker is a true believer in the power of the dialogue between screen and audience. He recognizes how some of the best work is created when our imagination fills in the gaps.  Today far too much is actually shown, preventing us from becoming complicit in the narratives. His great essay on Hitchcock’s VERTIGO makes clear his passion for this process.  If only others could follow this lead…

There’s a lot of great writing on this film out there. Here’s Senses Of Cinema’s

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